Tokomairiro Community of Learning

Dear Parents/Caregivers and Whānau

Over the last year we have been busy preparing to become part of the newly formed Tokomairiro Community of Learning (CoL). Our CoL will share best teaching and learning practice and experience across our community of education providers, set shared goals within our community to achieve over the next 2-3 years (called achievement challenges), and collaboratively work to achieve these challenges.

A CoL is focused on a child’s individual learning pathway, from early childhood, through primary school and into secondary. Our aim is to develop shared expectations at key transition points to enable children to move more seamlessly through their education. The following education providers form our CoL:

  • Tokomairiro High School 
  • Milton Primary School 
  • St Marys’ School 
  • Tokoiti School 
  • Waitahuna School 
  • Goldfields Kindergarten
  • Milton Early Learning House
  • Milton Kindergarten
  • Tokomairiro Early Learning Centre (both Spenser Street and Johnson Street Centres)

Tania McNamara, principal of Milton Primary School, has been appointed as the lead principal of our CoL. This is the first appointment that we have made and she will be joined by a combination of other principals and teachers in leading our CoL forward.

You may be wondering how being part of a CoL will benefit your child or whānau. The following information is taken from the Ministry of Education site:

Your child’s individual learning needs will be better supported because their teachers will have greater access to information about your child’s progress, as they move from early learning services, to school, and to secondary.

Your child will benefit from innovative and creative teaching and learning practice. CoLs let our best teachers share their expertise and experience with each other. This will help lift the overall quality of teaching in our early learning services and schools.

For more information please go to:

If you have any questions regarding the Tokomairiro Community of Learning please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Shannon McDougall, Principal Tokoiti School

Shannon and Bob