Severe Weather forecast for some areas this week

We are expecting some severe weather patterns in some areas of the country in the next few days. This weather pattern is the after-effect of Tropical Cyclone Gita and another weather pattern from further south of Aotearoa.

Watches and warnings are in place for a tropical low (ex-cyclone Gita) to hit parts of the South Island and Lower North Island tomorrow after mid-day. The forecast is for heavy rain and for gale-force winds in some parts of central Aotearoa. Otago and Southland are not predicted to be in the most affected areas, but I have provided the advice and guidance being shared across the country as a precautionary measure for your information, should it be needed.

Civil Defence tips:

Secure, or move inside, anything that could cause damage in strong winds
Close windows and doors, close curtains to prevent injury from breaking windows
Listen to the radio and follow the instructions of emergency services
Avoid non-essential travel during severe weather, and never drive through floodwaters

Useful Information Sources:

For details please see the MetService website:

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