Open Morning at Tokomairiro High School

Wednesday 29 August

11.00am – 12.45pm

This is an opportunity for parents of year 6 students to visit our school to see what goes on in the classrooms and to ask any questions they might have.

11.00am – meet with senior staff members in the hall.

11.15 – 11.55am – take a tour of the school, visiting a variety of classrooms.

12noon – 12.45pm – meet with the Year 7 teachers, Katie Moodie and Daryll Reddington.

Katie is responsible for the transition of students from primary school into Tokomairiro High School. She also has a particular focus on the transition of those students who have special learning needs.

Daryll is the Year 7 & 8 Dean.

Please contact the school office at Tokomairiro High School to register for this event.

ph 03-417-8620 or email

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Glenis Sim


Please note: Year 6 students are welcome to come along with their parents. They will also have the opportunity to spend a morning here at Tokomairiro High School in term 4. Interviews with parents and year 6 students are being scheduled for mid-November.

Air Force Visit

Today the Airforce came and it was a helicopter. It landed on the field. The pilot’s job is to steer the helicopter and make sure they do not crash. We got to look inside it and I got to sit in the seats and put the headphones on. It went boom boom when it took off, it was cool and made a mark on our field. – Marshall20180329_100335.jpg