Toko Hockey Club Update

Toko Hockey Club (Junior)

For those interested in their child playing hockey in Milton on a Tuesday it starts in Term 4  on the 15 Oct – 19 Nov.  Yr 3-4 & Yr 5-6 teams (6 aside). 

If Tokoiti & Waihola can not get a team in either you can have a mixed team of Yr 3-6. Mouth guard & shin pads must be worn & some sticks will be provided.

This program to run for 6 weeks at the Toko High School turf.  $10 a child to be paid to their school & then school to forward payment to Toko Hockey Club.

Team entries to be in by 16 September.

More information to come later.

 Jayne Greene

Toko Hockey Club

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I’m in the process of starting up Junior hockey in Milton at the High School. The program will be for children from yr 3 to 6 & run for 6 weeks, I’m hoping to start this in term 4.

I’m looking for a small group of volunteers to help run this program.

For more information & inquiries contact:

Jayne Greene | 0273845238 |