For our planning, we have been asked by the Ministry of Education to find out the following information to help our planning for any response to an outbreak.

To get a clear picture of what we can and cannot do we ask each household to complete the following survey and return as soon as possible.  We will provide this in several forums for ease of replying such as physical & internet based. Links provided on our website, facebook and skool loop.


SOPSSA Athletics Qualifiers

When: Monday 2 March

Where: South Otago High Sports Grounds, Balclutha

Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm


The following Trekkers Qualified and we need confirmation that;

  1. They are going to attend?
  2. They have a way to get there?


Brennan       60m, 100m

Marshall       60m, 100m

Dylan             Long Jump

Joelle             Discus

Dezi               Discus

Billy              200m

Tyrese          200m
Please email Leanne or reply to permission in Skool Loop if you require transport for your Trekker