Board of Trustees Voting

We recommend parents post their voting papers on Thursday 6 June to be counted as valid. Postal votes will be accepted until 12 June if date stamped before 12 noon on 7 June.

To ensure that our school community’s votes are valid, please be advised that:

  • You should put your voting papers in the post no later than the day before voting closes if at all possible (Important: Only 1 voting paper per envelope)
  • You can also hand deliver the voting papers to the school office before voting closes.
  • If you have not received voting papers by now you should let the school know immediately.

Voting closes Noon Friday 7th June 2019

Kind Regards Returning Officer (Leanne Burgess)

Board of Trustees Election 2019

Voting papers will be posted out on the 29 May for the upcoming election.  Votes must be received no later than Noon Friday 7th June 2019.

We received 4 valid nominations.  They are:

  • Ross Burgess
  • Chontelle Cowie
  • Kylie Stevenson
  • Renee Wallace

Please find the Candidate statements by clicking the following link.

Candidate Statements

List of eligible voters, candidate names and statements available to read at the school office.